Hi there, I'm Quân

Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm a 17-year old Vietnamese who likes tinkering with tech things.

Some infos about me:

  • I play Minecraft and osu!
  • I own ThiccMC, a Minecraft network
  • I'm currently a twelveth grader @ HES High School
  • My music taste is kinda 'diverse' as I listen to a lot of genres of songs. I can list some artists such as Ehrling, Glass Animals, R3HAB, Ngot and Kien Trinh.
  • Romcom is my favorite category of animes and mangas. I really love the series "The Quintessential Quintuplets" and I adapted Miku Nakano as my waifu 😭
  • I'm an Apple fanboy. I also do hackintoshes and use Linux (5 years of Linux sysadmin experience!)
  • I self-host my servers (the process is easier than you think 😆)
  • The Linux distribution that I use is Debian (both on my daily driver and my servers!)
  • I also have a strange obsession with home automation

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